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Your Data Our Mission

With 20 years of experience, DBTRONIX helps the Government & banking minimize their attack surfaces, defend against cyberattacks and prevent data spillage

Data Recovery Service

DBTRONIX has been a trusted partner to many of the largest technology and data companies. This is the 1st professional laboratory providing data recovery service at Hong Kong from 2003

Data Erasure Service

Certified ISO27001 Data Erasure Service ( Confidentiality/Integrity/Availability)

Data Security & Protection Service

In our work with thousands of organizations, DSPS has developed a proven, efficient methodology for organizations to monitor, protect, and manage their data. Our data-centric approach reduces risk, increases efficiency and helps achieve compliance with data-centric regulations like Gov Security Guideline, GDPR, IT Audit

About Us

DBTRONIX delivers professional Data Security & Protection projects for organisations and individuals and provides comprehensive solutions to protection, recover, explore, erasure the sensitive data from your enterprise in a safe environment without losing any track of data. We are committed to protect the information assets from all possible threats and against unauthorized access to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Data Recovery

DBTRONIX Professional Data Recovery Centre was established in 2003. This is the 1st professional laboratory providing data recovery service at HK. Successful data recover over thousand cases.


Data Erasure

DBTRONIX is the 1st company certified in ISO 27001:2013 of Data Erasure Service in Hong Kong. HK Gov & Banking trusted service provider over 20 years. 

We deliver professional erasure projects for organizations of individuals that require an EAST, FAST & 100% SECURE data disposition service for eliminating sensitive data from storage units. Now it’s finally safe to dispose of equipment without losing track of classified data!

Data Security & Protection

Protect Your Data First, Not Last

On average, 20% of an organization’s data is accessible to every employee. Seventy percent of data breaches take months or years to discover.But not for our customers. DBTRONIX helps you find risk, reduce risk, and keep it from coming back.

Data Endpoint Security (Next-Gen Security)

Protect what your business values most

Now that cybercriminal tools are so inexpensive, organizations are seeing a dramatic growth in security events and an increase in the likelihood of a targeted attacks. We can add remote working and the proliferation of information exchange methods to the mix, and the fact that most of us have grown up online and have become complaisant about safe cybersecurity practices. In this challenging environment, how can you be sure that you have the right security product for your business – one that will protect every element of your IT infrastructure against the most advanced cyberthreats, and ensure business continuity in a changing world, without blowing your budget?

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