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Lunar New Year Holiday Close Notice

Please be noticed that our office will be closed on 7 Feb 2016 (Sun) to 14 Feb 2016 (Sun) for Lunar New Year’s Holiday. We will resume business on 15 Feb 2016 (Mon). Happy Lunar New Year!


Government Seminar

Thanks for OGICO invited DBTRONIX to share BIG DATA ANALYTICS with different Government departments (Our Mission is to help Gov realize value from their unstructured data)
On that day, over 50 users join the seminar and we share some government successful use cases to all participants.

Our topic:
The most valuable, fastest growing asset a business owns is its human-generated data—the documents, spreadsheets, videos, presentations, and emails that people create and share every day. Learn how big data analytics can help enable a sustainable data protection strategy in the face of unprecedented data growth.

  • What is Big Data & Unstructured Data in Hong Kong Government(Windows Files Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, Unix/Linux Server…etc)
  • Reducing Risk
  • Reducing Cost
  • Increasing Productivity

To Which industries or use cases are these approaches most applicable

So what do we need to address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunity? We need metadata, and for human generated data we really need 4 kinds:
  • 1st, we need to know the digital identities of every user and group in an organization.
  • 2nd, we need to know what they're able to access, or what permissions they have.
  • 3rd, we need to know what they're doing, or which files they're opening, creating, deleting, moving, or modifying, and
  • 4th, we need to know what these files contain. Which ones contain regulated content, which ones contain PII, which ones contain intellectual-property, etc.

If we combine these 4 kinds of metadata, we can provide insights to both business and IT users. We can visualize who has access to what data, we can analyze their activity to see who has access to data they don't need any more, we can baseline normal activity and alert when we see unusual activity. We can trend activity to analyze data growth and identify still data. We can determine who data belongs to, and find data that is sensitive and exposed to too many people.

Lots of people can make use of this kind of intelligence -- from business executives and data owners , to IT Security, compliance, storage, and IT operations.


Easter Holiday Close Notice

 Please be noticed that our office will be closed on 3 April 2015 (Fri) to 7 April 2015 (Tue) for The Easter Holiday. We will resume business on 8 April 2015 (Wed). Happy Easter!


Certified in ISO 27001

We are pleased to announced that DBTRONIX's data erasure solution is certified by ISO 27001:2013 (an information security standard for an information security management system (ISMS)). With the certification, we can fulfill your company's compliance and audit need about data erasure solution.


Lunar New Year Holiday Close Notice

Please be noticed that our office will be closed on 31 Jan 2014 (Fri) to 9 Feb 2013 (Sun) for Lunar New Year’s Holiday. We will resume business on 10 Feb 2013 (Mon). Happy Lunar New Year!


International ICT Expo 2010

DBTRONIX will attend HKTDC International ICT Expo which held between 13Apr2010 - 16Apr2010 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Booth Number: 3FE32