Data Recovery Service

DBTRONIX Data Recovery is the world leader in data recovery services and data recovery software.

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Data Governance Suite

DBTRONIX Data Governance Suite provides organizations the ability to keep pace with their data.


Data Governance Suite


Data Erasure Service

DBTRONIX Data Erasure Service guarantees no data is recoverable from any processed media.



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 Please be noticed that our office will be closed on 3 April 2015 (Fri) to 7 April 2015 (Tue) for The Easter Holiday. We will resume business on 8 April 2015 (Wed). Happy Easter!


SC Awards Australia 2012

Innovation Award

DGS is thrilled to have won the Innovation Award, which honors the project, team or individual that had most changed the traditional practice of IT security.

Within hours of installation

You can instantly conduct a permissions audit to see file and folder access permissions and how those map to specific users and groups. You can even generate reports.

Within a day of installation

DBtronix© DatAdvantage© will begin to show you which users are accessing the data, and how.

Within 3 weeks of installation

DBtronix© DatAdvantage© will actually make highly reliable recommendations about how to limit access to files and folders to just those users who need it for their jobs.

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